We actively encourage learning through play working on flexibility, strength, coordination, balance and confidence.

Holiday Courses & Parties

A budding gymnast or newcomer our holiday courses have something for everyone. Our Gym parties with a qualified coach are great fun and suitable for children of all ages.

Gymnastics For All

From beginners to advanced, children learn & develop their flexibility, floor skills, trampoline & rebound, vault, bars, beam, acro, & tumble.

Calendar / Term Dates

If you need some more information or want to get involved, you can see all our term dates and a calendar full of events right here


We have Display squad working towards National and International events, as well as serval competitive advanced squads working towards Tumble, Floor & Vault competition.


Any donations however small would be greatly appreciated, all donations will go back into the club to help improve the equipment and coaching for the future.


I can totally recommend this club and sessions as it is structured, fun, safe and a positive learning environment for my son to get confident and learn lifelong skills whilst having fun,. There are classes for all ages and abilities and opportunities to volunteer and learn to coach at the club. So it keeps gymnasts in the sport pursuing a hobby/sport they love which is fantastic.

Sarah Warren-Smith Pre School Parent

Gymnastics was so much more then a Sport to me not only did it teach me to get physically fit, strong and flexible, it taught me discipline and hard work. It also made me mentally strong and taught me to never give up no matter what obstacles get in the way. Being part of L & G was like being part of another family. People were always there to support you and to have fun with. Being a coach also gave me a chance to give back to the sport and see younger gymnasts develop and grow over the years. Without gymnastics I wouldn’t be the person I am today!

Jane Bird Former Gymnast & Coach

Both our daughters (age 6 & 10) thoroughly enjoy their classes every week. There is a fantastic balance of fun, enjoyment & hard work. It has been a joy to see them both develop both physically and mentally through their training and performances as part of the club.

Callum Mckay Parent

I started gymnastics at L&G gymnastics club at a very young age and have loved the sport ever since! Throughout my life I have moved between various clubs and trained up to seven times a week. I did artistic gymnastics up until I went to secondary school when I knew that I had to reduce my hours due to school work. I was seriously considering giving up but decided to change to acrobatic gymnastics at L&G where I trained for about 4 years before finally giving up when I went to university. Having trained as a gymnast at a high level for many years, I feel that this has not only allowed me to maintain a good fitness level, but has taught me discipline and commitment, developed my time management skills, as well as how to work well as part of a team. After many hours of training at L&G gymnastics club, it not only became the place where I spent most of my evenings but where I formed friendships and memories that will last forever, with other gymnasts and coaches. I was also involved with coaching younger gymnasts for a number of years which enhanced my communication skills and confidence working with children of different age groups. I am very grateful for all of the opportunities that I was given during my time at L&G gymnastics club. I can definitely say that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I did without all the support and dedication of the coaches.

Elise Peever Student

I always look back on my time at L&G Acrobatics extremely fondly and I am thankful for all of the friends I made and life lessons I learnt. I was a gymnast at L&G from the age of 5-18 and can thank my coaches for not only my success in the sport but also my ability to make friends and be confident in my day to day life! As well as training as a gymnast I also learnt how to coach through L&G and got my Level 1 General Gymnastics coaching course which I have gone on to use throughout my uni career as a cheerleader. Thanks to my gymnastics I know how important it is to keep fit and to this day I still love exercising and keeping healthy. My love of the sport is one of the reasons I have decided to begin training as an osteopath this September, so I can truly say gymnastics has shaped my life!

Gabby Pope Student

My years in gymnastics are very fond memories. The self-discipline, commitment and teamwork skills have been widely applicable in both my social and working life. The self-confidence and determination I developed through the sport have enabled me to pursue further passions such as travelling and delivering therapy to children who are yet to develop that confidence. Even the toughest times; sweat, tears, injuries... these times built a powerful resilience to all life’s challenges, a trait desired and appreciated by all. It could be said that years of gymnastics made me the person I am today. There are skills and abilities I am able to apply in all walks of life that were undoubtedly founded inside those four walls of the gym. And ofcourse, i’ll never forget the wins, the laughs and the friendships I made along the way.

Charlotte Kaye Former Gymnast & Coach






What does my child need to bring to class?
They will need socks for on the trampoline and some water with them.


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