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September Staff News

In June 2019 we changed our club name from L&G Acrobatic Gymnasts CIC to Generation Gymnasts CIC and since then it has been all systems go. We now have 4 full-time members of staff with a wealth of knowledge and experience Linda Leach, Gemma Evans, Kerrie Evans & Shannon Warner. We would also like to welcome Josie Rice back to our coaches team which she will be doing alongside her masters degree. We also have many other coaches and assistants.

Linda Leach

Has been involved in gymnastics for the last 50 years. She started gymnastics at the age of 11 where she showed real determination and strength. Linda has been a very successful coach in general gymnastics, acrobatics, tumbling and woman artistic. Linda Is a mother to 4 grown-up girls and grandmother to 11 including those form her step children. At the South East gymnastics awards in 2017 Linda received an award for long service to gymnastics for all her hard work and commitment over the many years.

Linda has many gymnastics qualifications under her belt.

We caught up with Linda to ask her the following questions –

Q1 – What is your biggest achievement as a coach? A – Seeing children I have coached from a young age grow up into well rounded young adults getting a good job and being happy in life. That’s what I feel my main job is as a coach help children to be able to time manage, not be afraid of hard work, and believe they can achieve anything they put their mind to.

Q2 – What do you like best about coaching

A – I like seeing the look on a child’s face when they learn a new skill, and the satisfaction and enjoyment they get with it

Q3 – What is the hardest thing you have ever done? A – Climbed Macha Picchu I completed the Inca trail with 2 of my daughters, although I think I managed it better than they did .

Q4 – What is your favourite colour?

A – Purple

Q5 – What is to biggest achievement to date?

A – Giving both to 4 wonderful girls and watching them all grow into independent women.

Thanks for your time Linda is was great to get to know you a bit better.

Gemma Evans

Is one of Linda’s many daughters and has been involved in gymnastics for the past 35 years. She started her career as a pre school gymnast at the age of I yr going on to compete in women’s artistic until the age of 13yrs. when she stopped to pursue her passion for coaching. A year later she tried Acro and tumble where she fell back in love with competing. Gemma did her first judging qualification at the age of 16, where she found another area in gymnastics where she shines. She has previously won coach of the year and at the South East gymnastics 2019 awards won an in-international achievement award. Gemma has many gymnastics qualifications in different areas.

Kerrie Evans

Another one of Linda’s daughters. Kerrie started gymnastics at the age of 3 where she developed her skills in many different advanced recreational classes be-fore finding her passion and flair in Trampolining. Kerrie went on to compete at a National level in Trampoline gaining many medals. Kerrie stopped competing at the age of 23 where she was finding it difficult to balance with work commitments. She went to uni to study fashion and as well as doing the admin and some coaching for us also makes leotards and many other items. Kerrie has many gymnastics qualifications in different areas.

Shannon Warner

Has been involved in gymnastics for the past 20 years competing as an artistic gymnast for many years at the age of 13 yrs Shannon joined our acrobatic squad as she wanted a new and different challenge where she excelled learning many new skills and competed at national finals. Shannon had to retire from the sport at the young age of 16 yrs due to an ongoing back injury but stayed involved with us and kept her enthusiasm and love for the sport going by teaching others. Shannon was the lead coach at the recent World Gymnaestrada where the whole team showed maturity and put in some absolutely stunning performances. Shannon has won coach of the year many times at the Surrey sports awards and South East Regional gymnastics awards. Shannon has many gymnastics qualifications in differ-ent areas.

Josie Rice

Has been involved in gymnastics for the past 21 years starting out with us when she was just 1 years old. Josie competed at a national level in both Acro and tumble. As a gymnast, Josie has performed or been coach of all World Gymnaestrada’s our club has been part of. 2019 coach, 2015 coach & gymnast, 2011 gymnast, 2007 gymnast. Over the past 3 years, Josie has been studying sports science at Chichester University where she has just gained a First Class Honours Degree in Bsc Sports & Exercise Sciences for sports performance. She is now working hard for her Masters Degree. Josie has been to Camp America & has many gymnastics qualifications in different areas.

We had a fun-packed training before this term started back for all our coaches where we got in Simon Moore who a British gymnastics tutor from Moore than Gymnastics to go through different setups and ideas on making gymnastics fun for our members.

For more information and for all coaches qualifications go onto our coaches page of this website

If you are keen to get into coaching or have experience and would like to join our ever-expanding team please contact us through the website and let us know what qualifications if any you have!