Author: Kerrie Evans

South East Regional Tumble Championships 8th December 2019 Well done to everyone who took part everyone did really well Club 2 6-8 years girls Alba Suarez Dorta 2nd score 79.950 Sofia Cano 4th score 78.750 Club 2 9-10 years girls Rhianna-Louise Butterfield 11th score 68.550 Roshni Lobo 12th score 68.00 Julia Cano 14th score 65.80 Club 4 8 years girls Sally Grove 1st score 79.80 Club 4 11-12 years boys Isaac Brown 1st score 78.30 NDP grade 1 9-10 years girls Sophie Atkinson 1st score 79.40 Isabella Aldridge 2nd score 79.20 NDP grade 1 11-12 years boys Oliver Sinani 1st score 71.70 NDP grade 1 11-12 years girls Lottie Goldsmith 4th score 77.40 Katie Harrison 9th score 73.30 NDP grade 1 13+ years girls Zoe Phelps 11th score 72.50 NDP grade 2 9-10 years boys Maxwell Ojji 3rd score 46.350 NDP grade 3 9-10 years girls Pippa King 2nd score 76.350 NDP grade 3 11-12 years girls Zara Rebholz 4th score 77.10 Hattie Rastle 6th score 73.650 NDP grade 4 under 13 years girls Lilly Miles 1st score 75.00 NDP

During the week of 8th July, our display squad of 35 gymnasts plus coaches and chaperones, set off to Dornbirn in Austria to participate in the World Gymnaestrada – a once every four years, non-competitive festival of gymnastics. The World Gymnaestrada is an international event with 23,000 participants from 62 different countries. The girls had an incredible jam-packed seven days of gymnastics – performing, rehearsing, spectating and mixing with gymnasts from all over the world. They were accommodated for the week in a school in Lauterach along with other British teams and had lunch daily at the Trade Exhibition Centre in Dornbirn along with all the other many nations! The British team (made up of 30 BG clubs) started the week performing their large group display on Monday and Tuesday in the Casino Stadium. After bad weather delayed proceedings at the beginning of the week, all the Gymnaestrada participants came together