What does my child need to bring to their class?

They will need socks for the trampoline and a drink

What should my child wear?

Girls leotard, Boys shorts and leotard or t-shirt (we sell boys and girls leotards at the club) no jewellery and long hair must be tied back.

Why is my child not on the same badge as other children in their class?

We work badges a couple of times a year and work children from the first badge up so someone else may have done badges previously.

How do I get into a squad or advanced class?

If you are interested in doing more let the head coach know we can make sure we keep an eye on your child and let you know what to work on for more advanced classes.

Should I stay for my child's lesson?

We ask preschool parents to stay in reception area, All other classes once the lessons have started as long as you have provided us with your contact details you are able to leave them. If you wish to stay we ask you stay in reception, in the car or in the out building.