Our Coaches

Our coaches enjoy gymnastics so much they have decided to teach others from their experience. We aim to teach all children to the best of their ability in a fun and safe environment.Β 

All our coaches have attended a British gymnastics coaching and attend our in house staff training. They all have appropriate safe guarding and DBS checks along with British gymnastics guide lines.

Linda Leach

Managing director & high performance coach,

HPC Acrobatic Coach, Senior Women's Artistic & Tumble Coach. Club trampoline, pre-school, fun 4 Baby Coach. Member of South East Acrobatic committee. Long service award South East region 2017, First Aid qualified

Gemma Evans

Head Coach. International tumble judge & tutor

Acrobatic Judge, Senior Acrobatic Coach, Women's Artistic, Pre-school Club Coach, Level 2 Tumble Coach, level 3 twisting module. Games maker at the London 2012 Olympics, South East Committee, First Aid qualified.

Kerrie Evans

Administration & Coach

Level 2 Tumble, General & Pre-school Coach. Level 3 somersault Module. First Aid Qualified.

Shannon Warner

Full time Coach

Level 2 Club General & Acrobatic Coach. Level 3 general somersault & Acrobatic Module. First Aid qualified

Genevieve Palmer

Level 2 General Club Coach

Jessica Willis

Level 2 General Club Coach

Josie Rice

Level 2 General Club Coach Floor & Vault level 1 judge Camp America coach for the summer of 2018 BSc in sport & exercise science 1st class honour degree. First Aid qualified

Kirsten Roche

Level 2 General Club Coach

Simon Moore

FIG Brevet Coach, International Brevet Judge in Mens Artistic, Coaches Tutor to UKCC coaching courses and British Gymnastics judging courses, First Aid qualified,

Chelsea Mather

Level 2 General Club Coach. Level 3 Acrobatic module. Club choreographer Club Acrobatic Judge. First Aid qualified.

Esther Sleigh

Level 1 General Club Coach

Isabelle Boaler

Level 1 General Club Coach

Olivia King

Level 1 General Club Coach

Jess Bourne

Level 1 General Club Coach

Grace Cromwell

Core Proficiency BG Helper

Elizabeth Cromwell

Core Proficiency BG Helper

Kishaana Vijayakumar

Core Proficiency BG Helper

Emily Bye

Core Proficiency BG Helper

Anna Welch

Core Proficiency BG Helper

Anna Sleigh

Core Proficiency BG Helper

Poppy Chalker

Core Proficiency BG Helper

Natasha Chan

Core Proficiency BG Helper

Anna Parker

Core Proficiency BG Helper

Dianne Ruddock

Dance Teacher

Allison Walton

Welfare Officer


Sue Sleigh

Welfare Officer


Young Leaders

Working BG Leadership Academy

Dakota Le Maitre, Fliss Mcgirr, Georiga Thomas, Isabella Rose, Laila Hart, Lois Allman, Zoe Phelps


Generation Gymnastics CIC - company number - 11431762

Linda Leach (Secretary), Gemma Evans, Sue Wilson, Teresa Brewer, Karen Wheatley


I can totally recommend this club and sessions as it is structured, fun, safe and a positive learning environment for my son to get confident and learn lifelong skills whilst having fun,. There are classes for all ages and abilities and opportunities to volunteer and learn to coach at the club. So it keeps gymnasts in the sport pursuing a hobby/sport they love which is fantastic.

Sarah Warren-Smith Pre School Parent

Gymnastics was so much more then a Sport to me not only did it teach me to get physically fit, strong and flexible, it taught me discipline and hard work. It also made me mentally strong and taught me to never give up no matter what obstacles get in the way. Being part of L & G was like being part of another family. People were always there to support you and to have fun with. Being a coach also gave me a chance to give back to the sport and see younger gymnasts develop and grow over the years. Without gymnastics I wouldn’t be the person I am today!

Jane Bird Former Gymnast & Coach

Both our daughters (age 6 & 10) thoroughly enjoy their classes every week. There is a fantastic balance of fun, enjoyment & hard work. It has been a joy to see them both develop both physically and mentally through their training and performances as part of the club.

Callum Mckay Parent