Generation Gymnastics

World Gymnaestrada 2023

On Saturday 29th July, we look 29 gymnasts to Amsterdam for the world Gymnaestrada, where they had an amazing time performing their lively acrobatic routine in front of thousands of others from all over the world.

In the 8 day trip they performed their routine 5 times along with performing in the GBR large group performance 3x and a performance of the International team display, where they performed a group routine with others from all over the world. The world Gymnaestrada is a worldwide non-competitive FIG Gymnastics for All event held every 4 years, attracting the largest number of active participants of any FIG event, with over 20,000 participants from around 50 nations taking part.

This squad worked hard together for the 2 years prior to the event to perfect their routines.

A Little bit more about their time away

We all meet at Heathrow airport early on the Saturday morning in order to get to Amsterdam, get settled into our school accommodation and be prepared for the opening ceremony on the Sunday followed by a jam packed week of gymnastics. They had lunch in the main Exhibition hall, where they sat with others from all other the world, eating lunch as well as swopping things like pin badges and t-shirts. Every day the team had to get ready make make our way to the different venues for our performances by foot, tram and train. As well as all their amazing performances they did get some down time to party and shop.

The week’s event was capped off by the amazing FIG Gala evening on Saturday morning followed by the Closing Ceremony, in which our gymnasts had the opportunity to take part, showcasing the International Team performance.

The next World Gymnaestrada will be held in Lisbon from 11th – 17th July 2027. We can’t wait!