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Swifts Invitational Acro Competition 2nd & 3rd November 2019

Well done to everyone who took part everyone did really well

Grade 1 Women’s pairs

Nikita White & Lily Harris 3rd

Tessa Whitelegge & Pippa Balchin

Grade 2 Women’s pairs

Sally Grove & Aela-Jayne Williams

Grade 2 Mixed pairs

Oliver Sinani& Mia Chambers 2nd

Grade 2 Women’s groups

Alana Mcmahon, Charlotte Keigher & Maisie Mcgrath 3rd

Grade 3 Women’s pairs

Pippa King & Sofia Cano 3rd

Grade 3 Mixed pairs

Isaac Brown & Macey Hobbs 3rd

Grade 3 Women’s groups

Megan Hollis, Peyton Maibaum-Peiris & Racile Khodr 4th

Grade 4 Women’s groups

Dakota Le Maitre, Zara Rebholz & Isobel Harris 1st

Grade 5 Women’s pairs

Ellie Heritage & Bella Walton 1st

Georgia Thomas & Sophie Atkinson 3rd

Grade 5 Women’s groups

Fliss McGirr, Lois Allman & Laila Hart 2nd

IDP Women’s pairs

Lauren Hawes & Isabella Rose 1st

Swifts Invitational Acro Competition 2nd & 3rd November 2019

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Mike Walker Invitational Tumble Competition 26th & 27th October 2019

Well done to everyone who took part in the competition everyone did really well

Club 2 : 7-8 years

Alba Suarez Dorta 6th

Lyla Collins 8th

Aela-Jayne Williams 9th

Elizabeth Hardy 10th

Club 3 : 7-8 years

Mia Chambers 7th

Club 4 : 7-8 years

Sally Grove 1st

Club 4 : 11+ years

Isaac Brown 5th

NDP 1 : 8-10 years

Isabella Aldridge 3rd

Sophie Atkinson 7th

NDP 1 : 11-12 years

Lottie Goldsmith 6th

NDP 1 : 11-12 years

Oliver Sinani 2nd

NDP 1 : 13 + years

Zoe Phelps 6th

NDP 2 : 8-10 years

Max Ojji 1st

NDP 2 : 11-12 years

Zara Rebholz 3rd

NDP 3 : 8-10 years

Pippa King 1st

NDP 3 : 11-12 years

Hattie Rastle 4th

NDP 4 : 13 + years

Laila Hart 1st

Fliss McGirr 4th

FIG Development : 11-12 years

Isabella Rose 2nd

Mike Walker Invitational Tumble Competition – Southampton 26th & 27th October 2019

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Hastings Acrobatic Competition 6th October 2019

Well done to everyone who took part in the Competition for a lot of our squad this was their first competition

Regional Level 2B Women’s Pairs

Elizabeth Hardy & Alba Suarez Dorta 2nd

Grade 1 Women’s Pairs

Nikita White & Lily Harris 2nd

Tessa Whitelegge & Pippa Balchin 3rd

Grade 2 Women’s Pairs

Sally Grove & Aela-Jayne Williams 5th

Grade 2 Mixed Pairs

Oliver Sinani & Mia Chambers 1st

Grade 3 Women’s Pairs

Pippa King & Sofia Cano 2nd

Grade 3 Women’s Group’s

Megan Hollis, Payton Maibaum-Peiris & Racile Khodr 2nd

Regional Acro Novice Championship’s Hastings 6th October 2019

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